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Bachelor of Arts

Digital Media – Photography & Design

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Academics / School of Creative and Media Arts / Digital Media – Photography & Design

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No matter what the industry, every organization has a myriad of needs for quality visual media content. TU’s digital media program with a professional track in photography and design prepares students for the constantly changing field of visual media, giving them foundational knowledge and skills and allowing them to develop their own creative style and artistry.

Students learn to solve a variety of visual communication problems through the use of multiple tools and media. They also develop a combination of visual, technical and business skills so they may be prepared for the changing demands of our multimedia communications environment.

Students use professional photography equipment, as well as advanced photography and graphic design and editing software, preparing them for careers in editorial, advertising, corporate communications and digital imaging. Students can lay the foundations for their own future content creation, design or photography business or serve as consultants or freelancers for larger businesses and organizations.

Students in the photography and design track get regular experience working with TU’s Art and Media Teams doing special projects on campus and throughout the community. Courses include solving real-world visual communication problems and working on multimedia communications activities supporting local businesses and organizations.



DMD234 – Photography 1

This course explores key photography concepts and methods, including principles of composition, elements of design, digital editing and optimization, camera use and shooting techniques.


DMD434 – Photography 2

This course explores advanced photography concepts and methods, including lighting techniques, portrait photography, photojournalism, landscape and architectural photography, abstract photography, and developing one’s own style, artistry and branding. 


ART331 – 3D Production

This hands-on course explores 3D printing and prototyping technologies and their application in modern industrial, design, and creative fields. Assignments will encourage students to develop concepts, work through ideas, experiment, and ebrace risks in the design process. 


ART432 – Visual Problem Solving

Students will use previously acquired skills in design, photo, video and editing to visually problem-solve a series of corporate media needs. Using their video production, design, analysis and writing skills, students manage real-world multimedia projects.

  • Photographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Concept Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Print and Production Coordinator
  • Print Graphic Specialist
  • 3D Production Technician 
  • Content Creator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Social Media Director
  • Communications Manager

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